The Highly Effective Podcaster

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The Highly Effective Podcaster

Prashant Bagga

Billion Moonshots podcast has ranked Top 15 on Apple Podcasts in the Tech Category.

I have hosted the founder of a 7.5 billion-dollar startup, a Bitcoin maxi, principal of the most successful venture fund, and founder of a space manufacturing startup (yes, they are manufacturing in space. it's crazy).

Also, I closed sponsorship with a $100M startup over Whatsapp...

and landed consulting gigs worth tens of thousands of dollars.

All through the podcast.

You now get my system that I built over the years to save hours on the admin work and focus on making friends with the smartest people.

Origin Story

In Jan 2020, I was living the New York City life.

Good food. Good friends. Great outdoors.

In March 2020, when that thing happened, I decided to move back home to India.

With some extra time in hand, I started writing nerdy stuff about business. I even got featured on LinkedIn. I was loving it.

But as I kept pouring hours into research, it got quite lonely.

I was craving that social interaction.

Now how do I talk to interesting people around the world while sitting in my room?


Alright, but who do I invite on my non-existent pod???

I see my 11-year-old sister likes to talk. A lot. What if I get her on the pod!

Fast forward to 2022.

  • First episode: me rambling about always wanting to start a podcast.
  • Third episode: talking to my 11-year-old sister about unicorns (the imaginary animal).
  • Then, my FAANG friends hopped on.
  • After 60+ episodes, I was talking to the founder of a $7.5B company.

No question, starting the podcast was the best decision I ever made.

Why should you start a podcast?

Podcast is the best networking hack.

  • People love to talk about themselves and always looking to organically promote their stuff. So anyone you invite would be flattered to hop on.
  • It allows you to build friendships with high-quality people - leading to interesting opportunities in the future.
  • You don't have to worry about views. A good conversation with a high-quality guest trumps the number of views or plays on YouTube.


Long story short, start a podcast. Your dad will be proud of you.

And if you wanna save hours on all the admin work, I got you.

You go, make friends with badass people, become a badass, and do badass stuff.

Next Steps

After the purchase, DM me on Twitter @prashantpbagga to schedule a call. I'll help you implement & execute the system.

I want this!

Save hours on admin work. Focus on making high quality friends !!

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