The Beginner's Podcast Checklist

Prashant Bagga

Billion Moonshots has ranked Top 15 on Apple Podcasts in the Technology Category.

I have hosted CEOs of $500M startups, creators with millions of followers, and top VCs.

Through the podcast, I have landed consulting gigs worth tens of thousands of dollars and closed sponsorships with $100M startups.

But before, let's talk about how it all started.


In 2020, I asked CEO of a $10M business if he was down to hop on my podcast.

He said yes. LETS GOO!!!

He further said - "Send me your previous episodes".

Makes sense. He wanted to know if I was a good host and can carry a fun conversation.

There was only one problem. I just didn't have a podcast back then.

Our conversation died down. We never recorded. And, I was sad.

But I learnt something. I learnt trust.

We trust each other based on past experiences. Since I had no work to show for, nobody trusted me to pull this off.

Change of plan.

Now instead of trying to get amazing guests on the pod, I will build a system to release high-quality episodes consistently.

For guests, will figure something out. I see my 11-year-old sister likes to talk. What if I get her on the pod.

Fast forward to 2021.

My buddy asked - "How did you manage to get so many influencers on the pod?"

I realized the system had worked.

  • First episode - I was rambling about always wanting to start a podcast.
  • Second & Third - I was interviewing my sisters (11 and 24 years old).
  • The next couple of episodes were audio versions of my most popular blogs.
  • Then, I brought my friends who work in big tech.
  • Finally, after 50-60 episodes, we had CEO of a $100M startup.

The magic of a well-oiled machine.

Since then, I've talked to CEO of a $7.5B company, architect of Thiel Fellowship, editor of Morning Brew, Bitcoiner with over 200K Twitter followers, and many more.

Check out the Billion Moonshots pod:

Why start a Podcast?

Podcast is the best networking hack.

  • People love to talk about themselves so anyone you invite would be flattered to hop on.
  • It allows you to build friendships with high-quality people. More exposure, more opportunities your way.
  • A podcast is a scalable way for your guest to share their story and thoughts. So they will market your podcast for you.


Long story short - If you wanna start a podcast, here's a bulletproof system for you.

This system takes me from booking the guest to editing and publishing my podcast in less than 60 mins.

Grab this Notion doc and use it as a template for your podcast.

DM me on Twitter @prashantpbagga for any questions!

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  • Don't think what to do. Just follow this bulletproof system.

  • Don't think what to do. Just follow this bulletproof system.
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The Beginner's Podcast Checklist

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